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    Chairmats, Clear as Glass Chair mat, chairmat, Glass-Clear STYLE approx. 1/8" thick Chairmats. We also offer "Free Shipping" at no additional charge !!! The Clearest vinyl Chair mats available. --
    Vinyl Chair Mats -SOLD OUT-
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    "Glass Clear Vinyl Office Chairmats" This is the toughest chairmat you'll never see. We begin with the finest raw materials available then process them on a specially configured production line. The result is a nearly invisible chairmat which allows the full beauty of your flooring to show through. Available in studded design.

    So clear it practically disappears to allow carpet to show through SuperMat weight is ideal for medium weight or lighter carpets Tough vinyl construction will not break even after years of use Unique "notched" stud design grips carpet, but won't harm carpet backing - or hands!

    Click here to view a diagram of the 3648WRE chair mat with a lip
    Click here to view a diagram of the 4553WRE chair mat with a lip
    Click here to view a diagram of the 4860WRE chair mat with a lip
    How thick are the chairmats we sell ? click on the image to the right to view a side by side comparison of the different chair mat styles available.
    If you dont see the chairmat size or style you are looking for, Click here to build a custom chair mat.

    Why Choose a Chair Mat from Chair Mats USA?

    Chair mats save your back and protect your carpet. We offer the highest quality and most durable mats available online. Our mats are manufactured with a compound that is scuff resistant and enhances the look of your office.

    When choosing your chair mat, first determine the size of mat you need. Next, make sure you are selecting a chair mat that was designed for your floor type. Check the total floor area available from front to back and side to side to make sure your chair mat will fit.

    We have mats for hard floors and also for carpet flooring. The more padding a carpet floor has, the thicker the chair mat you will need. We also offer custom-cut chair mats from 48" wide up to 50 feet long.

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